China Travel Cutlery Set Pouch suppliers

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Quality Is Our Culture!
Established in 2006, EDIOM starts from a technology company working with ( a sub-company in Alibaba group ) helping Chinese B2B and B2C companies integrate Alipay in their websites. ( Certificate is attached.) And in 2008, EDIOM switched to export business for neoprene products and set up the current factory in Huizhou with over 3,000 sq meters to produce promotional and sports products made by neoprene and spandex. High end professional sewing machines like Brother, Toyota, Yamato, Pegasus are operated by very experienced sewing team who spontaneously put quality in the first priority. All production procedures are fully under control so patents or custom designs are very well protected. Clients buy with confidence.China Travel Cutlery Set Pouch suppliers

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